Bram Roza & Yfke van Berckelaer

1992. I was eight years old. Me and my two brothers sneaked away from our bedroom and went downstairs to hide behind the couch where our 'babysitter' was watching a movie.
She was watching The Johnsons. My first ever horror movie.
Since that time I have become a horror addict. And when the dvd got out in 2004 it rekindled my love for The Johnsons and the fact it started my passion for horror.

Last year, I stumbled upon a podcast about The Johnsons (Have You Seen This). Because of this I realised 2017 was going to be the year The Johnsons was released exactly 25 years ago. I decided that I needed to do something with this fact. I asked film magazine Schokkend Nieuws (Shocking News), which I work for, if they wanted to do something with this anniversary and sure enough they planned a Johnsons special. But this still wasnt enough for me...
The best medium for my ode to The Johnsons was a documentary I thought. I wanted to make it visual. And I wanted to let the makers of the film tell about it. But I had no experience whatsoever in making films or documentaries. Luckily I came in contact with filmmaker Yfke van Berckelaer (she works for the same film magazine). She has a ton of experience with documentaries ánd she is a big fan of The Johnsons as well! This was ment to be.

Unlike me she never dared to watch the movie when she was young so the love for The Johnsons started not to long ago when she was asked to talk about a Dutch cult movie for a podcast about 'forgotten movies'. You guessed was the same podcast that inspired me to make this documentary!